¡¡Hi!! I am


Bombón fresa choco

…and I have something you’ll love


Check out my photo sessions

I love posing because every photo has the power of sensuality and temptation, without saying a single word. Look at my sessions where I give it all.

Are you ready to let yourself be carried away by desire?


A window to my most intimate moments

I record myself when I have fun playing with my body and then I let you watch it.

Are you ready to see how much fun I have?



No subscriptions, no weird transfers, no extra payments

Let me be very clear!

I value my work and I expect you to pay for it, but I value even more having a trusting relationship with you and that you end up being a satisfied customer.

I like Win/Win deals where we both win.

That’s why I’m not going to ask you to subscribe* or give me a million details or anything like that.

I hope you enjoy it, I’ll see you inside, Bonbon. 😉😘

*If you prefer a subscription, let me know and we’ll see what we can do.


Not just anyone will eat this Bonbon

You ask me for my personal details, an ID you can verify, links to my social networks, bank account, email account and yet you question me and tell me that you will consider whether or not to give me access..


I am so disappointed, you treated me like a criminal and I didn’t like it. Maybe they are all on your platform, but I am UNIQUE!


The truth is that I DON’T NEED YOU to show my videos and photo shoots, and here I can give a much more personalised treatment to my followers.
See you never, only

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